San Fernando Ecological Refills

San Fernando Ecological Refills

Recargas Ecológicas San Fernando is a very special member of the Anakena - Natural Cosmetics family of distributors, since in addition to offering its customers natural products, free of animal testing and respectful of the environment, it actively contributes to reducing pollution.

One of their main objectives is to reduce the packaging that pollutes the planet so much and that is why the vast majority of the products they offer are sold in bulk, eliminating hundreds or thousands of unnecessary packages from the market.

Recargas Ecológicas San Fernando has been contributing to the environment for approximately 2 years, through its direct sales channels, physical store and social networks. It is very nice to see that this type of initiative is gaining more followers every day.

Contact us:
San Fernando Ecological Refills
Spain Street 475
San Fernando, VI region
cell +569 984725570
Facebook: BIOrecharge San Fernando
Instagram: @biorecarga_san_fernando


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