Model on Anakena Ahu Nau Nau beach

Rapa Nui welcomes you

Finally, at the beginning of August, the moment we were all waiting for arrived and Rapa Nui reopened its airport to receive visitors after almost two and a half years of closure due to the pandemic.

We are happy and want to give a warm welcome to all those who have started to arrive and to those who will soon visit this wonderful island.
We wish everyone to have an unforgettable experience on the most magical island in the world and to return home full of unforgettable experiences and, of course, special souvenirs such as Anakena products, a line of natural cosmetics that hold the secret of Rapa Nui beauty.
You can find our cosmetics in the following stores in Hanga Roa:

La Tiendita
Lanikai Gift Shop
Made in Rapa Nui
Mahatua Store
Pae Pae or Rooster
Rapa Nui Kids
Loretta Store
Olita de Mar Store
Tau Rangi Store
Vai Marama Store
Vai Tai Store

Your visit to Rapa Nui and your support to the local commerce is very important to us!


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