Anakena Beach Pasuca Island

What does ANAKENA mean?

Anakena - Natural Cosmetics takes its name from Anakena beach, a mystical ceremonial site, with its Ahu Nau Nau (an ancient platform) and its marvelous moais (famous stone figures), on Easter Island (Chile).

Anakena, the main beach of Easter Island, represents the typical idea we all have in mind when we think of a paradisiacal beach. The fine white coral sand, the crystal clear turquoise sea, the calm waves and the coconut trees make it an ideal place for relaxation. But Anakena is not only an idyllic beach, this place is considered the cradle of Rapa Nui history and culture.

It is thought that the word Anakena comes from the union of the terms "ana"which means cave in the Rapanui language, and "kena", the native name for the booby (Sula dactylatra), a seabird that still nests on the island today.


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