Points of Sale Easter Island cosmetics Anakena

Anakena Points of Sale in Rapa Nui

Dear friends and Anakena lovers!

Christmas is coming and we want to invite you to discover and give as a gift the fantastic Anakena Cosmetics, a complete line of high quality body care products, made from traditional products of our beloved Rapa Nui, such as the essence of guavas and seaweed or pure honey from the island.

You can find Anakena cosmetics in the following points of sale in Rapa Nui:
Boutique Vai Marama
La Tiendita
Poki o te Atua - Handicrafts Market
Conque Store
Erau Souvenir Shop
Erua Neru Store
Hare Kahu Tau Store
Hibiscus Shop
Lanikai Gift Shop
Made in Rapa Nui Store
Maharo Store
Olita de Mar Store
Pae Pae or Gallo Store
Tau Rangi Store

Remember, by purchasing regional brands from local businesses, you are not only buying exceptional products, but you are also contributing to the growth of our community and the improvement of the island's economy. Together we can make this Christmas a season full of joy and solidarity!

We heartily thank you for your continued support and wish you a happy holiday season. ✨


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