ONG Te Protejo celebrates its 10th anniversary

ONG Te Protejo celebrates its 10th anniversary

August 19, 2022 will mark the 10th anniversary of the work of the NGO Te Protejopromoting the consumption of cosmetic products free of animal experimentation. For this reason in Anakena we want to make public our congratulations and thanks to Camila Cortínez, founder and general director of Te Protejo, for her hard work and dedication, but also to the committed and professional team that surrounds her, naming particularly Nicole Valdebebenito, communications director, and Marisol Queupumil, certification coordinator.

Te Protejo is a non-profit organization founded in 2012, whose mission is to promote the use of animal cruelty-free products. Te Protejo is the first organization in Latin America capable of certifying companies that do not test on animals.

Within the great work that Te Protejo does to promote the use of Cruelty Free products, it is the organizer of events such as Feria Ecobelleza, an important sustainable beauty fair. In addition to working on the certification of cruelty free products, they promote legislation in favor of animals and support awareness campaigns.

To date, the NGO has succeeded, together with other organizations, in getting Mexico to ban animal experimentation and has presented a bill with the same objective in Chile thanks to its "Be Cruelty Free" campaign. We hope that soon, as in Mexico, the Chilean government will pass a similar law and commit to animal welfare.

We are proud that the Anakena - Natural Cosmetics line is certified by Te Protejo and has the "Cruelty Free" seal, which guarantees that our cosmetics are free of animal testing, both in their ingredients and in their final product. This certification is reviewed annually by the NGO.

For our company and cosmetics brand, caring for animals, nature and, of course, people, are the fundamental principles that guide the way we work.


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