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Anakena Corporate Gifts

The perfect gift for this Christmas

Anakena cosmetics are top quality products designed for a delicate and efficient care of the skin....

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The name of our cosmetics brand is inspired by Easter Island, so we want to take this opportunity to tell you more about it. Anakena is a bay located on the north coast of the island. According to the legend, Hotu Matua, the mythical founding father of the Rapa Nui people, disembarked in this bay creating in

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GS1 Chile day 13_12_18

Anakena Award by GS1 Chile

In December 2018 GS1 Chile distinguished our company, Rapa Nui Natural Products EIRL with the Entrepreneurship of the Year Award, for the Anakena Natural Cosmetics product line. GS1 is a worldwide organization with presence in more than 150 countries, dedicated to the development of global standards for the identification of products

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