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Mango Soap

Our Soaps for sale in Concepción

We have nice news: In the online store of our friend Lilian Núñez, called Violet_byliliannunez, from now on you can find in addition to Anakena cosmetics, the exquisite handmade soaps made by ourselves in Rapa Nui, with local ingredients! You can choose between Mango Soap, Guava Soap or Avocado and Lemongrass Soap,

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Anakena offer for newsletter subscribers

Special and Exclusive Offer

Although Anakena does not normally make direct retail sales, this time we are launching an Exclusive Special Offer for our newsletter subscribers, because we want to show you how special you are to us! We have prepared a pack of the following products:1 Eau de Parfum 50 ml1 Facial Cream 50 ml1 Body Butter 100 ml1 Balm 35

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Model on Anakena Ahu Nau Nau beach

Rapa Nui welcomes you

Finally, at the beginning of August, the moment we were all waiting for arrived and Rapa Nui reopened its airport to receive visitors after almost two and a half years of closure due to the pandemic. We are very happy and we want to give a warm welcome to all those who have started to arrive.

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ONG Te Protejo celebrates its 10th anniversary

ONG Te Protejo celebrates its 10th anniversary

August 19, 2022 will be the 10th anniversary of the work of the NGO Te Protejo, promoting the consumption of cosmetic products free of animal testing. For this reason in Anakena we want to make public our congratulations and thanks to Camila Cortínez, founder and general director of Te Protejo, for her great work and

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Dominic Zelaya, SERNATUR Easter Island Manager

Anakena receives R Seal from Sernatur Rapa Nui

The R Seal is a distinction granted by Sernatur to companies that offer tourism services or products in compliance with all legal requirements and guarantees the formality and seriousness of the companies that obtain it. That is why we are very happy and proud that Anakena - Natural Cosmetics has obtained the Sernatur R Seal.

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Moai in Rano Raraku Rapa Nui

Rapa Nui on the verge of reopening after 2.5 years

We would like to share with you some photos we took during an unforgettable visit to the Rano Raraku sector on the south coast of Rapa Nui in times of pandemic, while the Rapa Nui National Park is closed. We are very grateful to Ma'u Henua, the organization in charge of the administration of the park.

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