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Anakena - Natural Cosmetics in Santiago de Chile

Anakena in Santiago: Rapa Nui Cosmetics for Hotels and Shops

This November 27th and 28th, Santiago will be adorned with the presence of Anakena - Natural Cosmetics, a brand that embodies the essence of Rapa Nui. We extend a cordial invitation to hotels, stores, pharmacies and cosmetics boutiques to discover a unique opportunity to partner with us. Anakena, with 7 years of success in

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Yolanda_review Te Protejo_Eau de Cologne Summer Mist Anakena

Discovering the Magic of Anakena's Summer Mist: A Review by Te Protejo

Hello to all our followers and lovers of natural beauty Today we want to share with you a very special review made by Yolanda Lopez, Outreach Manager of the NGO Te Protejo, and a passionate of conscious cosmetics. Yolanda has had the opportunity to try our Summer Mist body fragrance and has shared with you a very special review.

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Tiare Tahiti - gardenia tahitensis

The Importance of Flowers in Polynesian Life and Culture

Flowers have been a mainstay in human life for thousands of years. In Polynesia, which includes places like Rapa Nui, Hawaii and Tahiti, flowers are not only an expression of beauty, but also a cultural and spiritual symbol that has been kept alive to this day. The islands of the

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K'umara Ecotienda Arica

K'umara Ecotienda in Arica

Today we would like to introduce all our natural loving friends and, of course, Anakena Lovers from the north of Chile to our northernmost distributor in the historic city of Arica: K'umara Ecotienda. The store is well stocked, and there you will find everything you need from health food, special diets, aromatherapy and nutritional supplements.

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