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Olita de Mar Rapa Nui Store

Olita de Mar Store

A few months ago, during the difficult times of the pandemic and with the island of Rapa Nui closed to tourism, the store "Olita de Mar" was born, created by Nicole Benavides. Nicole's initial idea was to find a fun activity that would also provide her with income in those uncertain times. Although she began by participating

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Monoi de Tahiti Tiare Anakena in shell with flowers.

30 years of the Appellation d'Origine Label for Monoï de Tahiti Oil

Anakena's Monoï Tahiti Oil is produced entirely in Tahiti, under the strict rules of its Appellation d'Origine seal, which is a guarantee of the quality of its ingredients and its manufacturing processes. April 2022 is a month of celebration for Tahiti and the whole of Polynesia, because it will be the 30th anniversary of Tahiti's first Tahoï d'Origine.

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Good morning

Planning: the key to a positive day

Are you one of those people who plan your day to day or, on the contrary, one of those who decide on the fly and react as each moment comes? Do you go with the flow? Maybe you have never asked yourself this question, but maybe what you call your "daily routine" is not the same as your "daily routine".

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Moai Tau Father Sebastian Englert Museum on Easter Island

Moai returns to its land

We would like to share some interesting information about the moais (whose image is also part of the logo of our brand Anakena Natural Cosmetics) and particularly about the return of a Moai to Rapa Nui on March 8, 2022. Moais are carved stone sculptures and are the best known image of the island of Rapa Nui.

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Rapa Nui Te Pito o te Henua Easter Island


On April 5, 1722, Jakob Roggeveen wrote in his logbook: "We named the land Easter Island, because it was discovered by us on Easter Day". 300 years ago, the Dutch navigator Jacob Roggeveen and his crew "discovered" this island and, because it was Easter Sunday, they called it "Easter Island".

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Ape 50 by Rapa Nui Natural Products in Tahai Easter Island

Our company trolley in Rapa Nui

In this photo, taken a few days ago in Rapa Nui, you can see our beloved and always faithful Piaggio Ape 50, an original arrived to Easter Island directly from Italy! This red beauty has been our company cart for 17 years, it has accompanied us tirelessly to deliver our orders and

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