Maururu Monoï in Puerto Aysén

In the Anakena family we are especially happy to welcome Alejandra, from Maururu Monoï, as she is our first distributor in the continent who belongs to the Rapa Nui ethnic group!

Maururu means thank you and is one of the most beautiful words in the Rapa Nui language.

Honoring the name of her store and her lineage, Alejandra is specialized in the sale of Monoï oils, pareus, Polynesian dresses and now also the complete line of Anakena cosmetics, so Alejandra brings to Puerto Aysen the warmth and charm of Polynesia!

You can contact Maururu Monoi at:

Facebook: Maururu Monoï
Instagram: @Maururu.Monoi
Cell/WhatsApp: +569 45902184


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