Mahina Pakarati Mahatua Store Handicraft Market Hanga Roa

Mahatua Store

In the Handicraft Market of Hanga Roa, Rapa Nui, visitors can find many typical products and beautiful souvenirs. One of those stalls is Mahatua Store, a place with a lot of history since it was born from the hand of the koro (grandfather) Mahatua Pakarati, from whom his granddaughter Mahina inherited it.

If you visit Easter Island, do not miss the Mahatua Store stand, you will find it just entering through the main door of the Artisan Market, on Atamu Tekena Street. Mahina, together with her mother Estrella Pakarati will assist you with all her love and dedication, to help you find the best gifts and souvenirs for your visit. You will find the Anakena cosmetics line along with many other wonderful Polynesian jewelry products.

Contact us:
Mahina Pakarati
Hanga Roa Handicraft Market
cellular: +569 56207693
Facebook: Mahatua Store
Instagram: @mahatuastore
Hours: Monday to Sunday 10 am to 20 pm

Mahina and Estrella Pakarati

In the photo you can see Mahina with her mother showing the portrait of the koro Mahatua, who started Mahatua Store.


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