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Discovering the Magic of Anakena's Summer Mist: A Review by Te Protejo

Hello to all of our followers and lovers of natural beauty

Today we would like to share with you a very special review by Yolanda Lopez, Outreach Manager of the NGO Te Protejand passionate about conscious cosmetics. Yolanda has had the opportunity to try out our Summer Mist body fragrance and has shared his experiences in a detailed article that has filled us with pride.

A New Horizon in Body Fragrances

Anakena is more than just a cosmetics brand, it is a philosophy that celebrates the natural beauty and cultural richness of the Easter Island. And the Eau de Cologne Natural Summer Mist is one of those jewels that provide a unique and authentic experience, just like the paradisiacal place that inspires it.

What makes it so special?

Summer Mist is not just a fragrance, it is a harmonious composition of natural ingredients such as citrus fruits, floral notes of Tipanie and a soft touch of sandalwood. As Yolanda points out, the fragrance is "soft, long-lasting and has a revitalizing scent that lingers throughout the day." It is, in her own words, "like having a little piece of summer on your skin in any season".

Eau de Cologne Summer Mist Anakena 60 ml and 220 ml

Sizes and Prices

- Size 60 mlThis format is perfect to carry in your purse or banana. Keep it handy to refresh yourself anytime, anywhere. Price: $8,900.
- Size 220 ml: This larger size is ideal for leaving at home and applying after showering. Price: $14,700.

Certification and Availability

Anakena is certified by the NGO Te Protejowhich makes us a brand committed to animal welfare (our products are not tested on animals), sustainability and respect for all forms of life. You can find our cosmetics through various distributors in Rapa Nui and throughout Chile.

Now that you know a little more about the incredible experience that Summer Mist Anakena offers, we invite you to read the full review by Yolanda Lopez on the website of the NGO Te Protejo.
We invite you to embark on this sensory journey by visiting any one of our distributors to take home your bottle of Summer Mist.

Read the full review at Te Protejo

Discover paradise in a bottle with Anakena's Summer Mist - we promise it will be a trip you won't forget!

Anakena Summer Mist Eau de Cologne 60 ml
Photos: © Yolanda López


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