Brantcosmetica in Viña del Mar

Brantcosmetica in Viña del Mar

Eliana Brante is the mother of two children and, like many other women, dreamed of spending as much time as possible with her family, but without losing her economic independence and autonomy.

That is why, in 2019, she dared to take the plunge, quit her job and created Brantcosmetica, thus taking on the beautiful challenge of the search for natural cosmetics, respectful of the environment and free of animal cruelty.

Little by little and working hard, his enterprise has been growing, always with the goal of providing personalized, fast and quality attention to all those who visit his instagram page.

That's why we are delighted that Eliana is now part of the Anakena - Natural Cosmetics family.

Contact us:
Eliana Brante Zenteno
Viña del Mar
Instagram: @brantcosmetica
cell +569 933090041


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