Rapa Nui Beauty, Polynesia's space in Ñuble

We want to share with you information about the beautiful online store "Belleza Rapa Nui", created by Fernanda, a wonderful young entrepreneur, whose dream is to bring the beauty and charm of Rapa Nui to Chillán and the rest of Chile.

Fernanda fell in love with Easter Island as soon as she saw it for the first time, and she knows that many of her clients have also been seduced by its magic, dream of visiting it or would love to remember their trip with our essences. That is why, through "Belleza Rapa Nui", she wants to make it possible for those who wish to have a little piece of the island in their homes, thanks to the products she offers such as Anakena cosmetics or beautiful Rapa Nui handicrafts.

Contact us:
Fernanda Méndez Sepúlveda
Cell/WhatsApp: +569 81351005
Mail: bellezarapanui18@gmail.com
Facebook: rapanuichillan
Instagram: bellezarapanui


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