Anakena in DoNatureza online store

We are very happy that ANAKENA cosmetics are now part of the complete offer of the DONATUREZA virtual store. From now on you can purchase our cosmetics in an easy, fast and safe way, by entering their website

What makes Donatureza ecommerce stand out? For being a family business led by its beautiful manager, Carolina, which offers products whose main values are based on the fact that they are organic products, not tested on animals and with vegan options. But Donatureza also wants to go beyond that, and, as far as possible, tell a story through cosmetics.

You can also contact them through:
Social media - Instagram and Facebook - @DoNatureza
and WhatsApp: +569 33916167

Shipments are made from Santiago. We know that many of our customers will be very happy with this new option to purchase Anakena cosmetics. Please make all your inquiries directly to Donatureza.


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