Anakena - Natural Cosmetics in Santiago de Chile

Anakena in Santiago: Rapa Nui Cosmetics for Hotels and Shops

This November 27th and 28th, Santiago will be adorned with the presence of Anakena - Natural Cosmetics, a brand that embodies the essence of Rapa Nui. We extend a cordial invitation to hotels, stores, pharmacies and cosmetic boutiques to discover a unique opportunity to partner with us.

Anakena, with 7 years of success in Chile and 5 in Europe, not only represents the beauty of Rapa Nui, but also its rich indigenous culture. Incorporating unique Polynesian ingredients in our range, each product is a tribute to this exceptional heritage.

We are proud of our cruelty-free certification awarded by the NGO Te Protejoa testament to our commitment to respect for nature and animals. This dedication to sustainability and ethics is a fundamental pillar of Anakena, which is in tune with conscious consumers globally.

The elegant design of our products makes them ideal gifts for Christmas or as corporate gifts for the end of the year. Their attractive packaging and exceptional quality make them perfect to surprise and delight on these special occasions.

For stores, pharmacies, boutiques and hotels, collaborating with Anakena means offering their customers not only cosmetic products, but a unique experience that combines quality, elegant design and a deep cultural connection.

Anakena's visit to Santiago represents an opportunity to form lasting partnerships and expand the essence of Rapa Nui to a wider audience. We are looking for partners who value quality, sustainability and the rich cultural heritage we represent.

For more information or to schedule a meeting during our visit to Santiago, contact us via email at or to +569 98763869. Enrich your commercial offer with the beauty and unique history of Rapa Nui, by the hand of Anakena.


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